Thursday, May 15, 2008

Homosexuals, Please have some common sense!!!

By Aaron Kirunda

I condemn absolutely the actions of the University of Toledo for firing an associate Vice President of Human resources, Crystal Dixon because she "challenged the civil rights comparison of race with homosexual behavior, saying that science has never found a genetic cause or DNA for homosexuality. She said many gay people have overcome unwanted homosexual feelings as evidenced by the growing population of PFOX and ex-gay organizations."

Homosexuals and their supporters should have some common sense and stop taking the law in their hands. This in itself is abuse of human rights, they have abused her human right to freedom of expression.

Homosexuals should also know that the practice of homosexuality is abuse of the fundamental human right to life. All homosexuals and lesbians deny unborn children from being born, they kill their own potential of being fathers and mothers and thus breaching the fundamental human right to life of those would be world changers.

The world should know that such actions as Homosexuality and lesbianism are leading to the end of the world. Human beings are supposed to reproduce themselves and if they cannot because they are marrying each other, the next generation will have no people. This takes me to a point of wondering why homosexuals and lesbians go ahead to adopt kids, i thought by marrying from the same sex they hate kids and do not want to have kids, who do they think will produce for them to adopt when God gave them the organs to reproduce.

It is time the world learned from history, history has it that the two cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed because of their sodomy (homosexual acts. They were destroyed by fire and the more we continue to embrace this more than barbaric behavior we are putting ourselves in the position to be destroyed by fire. This is because God is God and it does not matter whether you believe in him, his existence and authority or you do not, he remains supreme.

So whoever is practicing homosexuality should watch out!!!!!

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