Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ugandans should not embrace homosexuality

By Isaac Eyalama

The New Vision of August 18, quoted President Yoweri Museveni to have saluted the Archbishop of Uganda, the Rev. Henry Luke Orombi, and other African religious leaders for resisting homosexuality, a decadent culture being passed on by the Western nations.

We have always been asked why we concern ourselves with homosexual issues or same-sex marriages when they do not affect us. Why not just live and let live? Some people ask

We oppose legalisation of same-sex marriages or the promotion of homosexuality because, as examples from around the world show, homosexual activists are not content to just “live and let live.”

They are seeking to make it illegal for anyone to teach that homosexuality is not natural or that it is not good for anyone’s health since studies show medical risks associated with homosexual lifestyle. Neither do they want anybody to teach that it is morally wrong.

Homosexual activists are seeking to force churches to stop teaching their longstanding beliefs regarding homosexuality. They are trying to make it illegal or to be considered unethical for therapists to treat unwanted same-sex attraction because everytime someone is successfully treated, it destroys their claim that homosexual behaviour is genetic and inevitable. Worse still, they want to recruit our children though sex education programs.

In essence, they want to mainstream homosexuality throughout the world through laws, polices, harassment and intimidation. They want to prevent anyone saying anything negative about their sexual activities.

We must fight because the future of our families, our faith and many of our freedoms are at stake.

What happens in one country can affect many other countries as legal precedence is established and homosexual activists become emboldened in their demands.

We cannot sit on the sidelines; we must all engage in this battle now.

All Ugandans and Africans should join the President and religious leaders in this cause and support the various initiatives to preserve and protect marriage and religious freedom and to stop the homosexual agenda from changing our continent.

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