Friday, August 14, 2009

Statement on Police Report about Ps. Kayanja’s Sodomy case

August 13, 2009

We are shocked at the conclusions of the Police report about Kayanja’s Sodomy case. The credibility of the investigations and the biased stand of the police leave many unanswered questions on the report. The same statement that the police made before is the same as in this report.

Everyone remembers well that even before investigations were started police already had a position. In the Sunday Vision of 17th May, 2009, the CID Chief described the allegations as baseless”, “fabricated” and “full of lies”. He also claimed that “…all six complainants who reported to the Police have retracted their complaints, saying they were set up by some pastors.” These statements were proved wrong when the complainants came up and said they had not retracted any statement.

The final report also based its investigations on Samson Mukisa, who the on Sunday 17th May 2009 appeared on UBC TV – Family Hour and said he had been forced to change his statement on gun point. Samson was later taken into police custody forcefully and denied access to a lawyer. He was then disguised and made to sign an extra- judicial statement.

The conduct of police with Samson Mukisa should be investigated and prosecuted. Now we are hearing Mukisa who is in police custody and Brain Ntwatwa being used on Super Fm to continue with the false allegations. Super Fm belongs to Ps. Ssematimba a colleague of Ps. Kayanja. The credibility of Samson Mukisa as a basis of the investigations makes the whole investigation biased following the way he was treated by police in the month of May.

The recommendations of police to prosecute the good Samaritans who helped the victims of sodomy to access justice and a credible hearing is misguided and sets a strong precedence that anyone who helps victims either of sexual abuse or accidents will be prosecuted. Therefore people are will stop giving a helping hand to anyone in danger or a victim of any circumstance.

The truth is that we had a credible reason to believe that what the victims were saying was true. It was not isolated evidence but a group of victims who had corresponding evidence said they were sodomized and joined by others to testify to the same.

However, this battle is not against Ps. Robert Kayanja, but a much bigger problem in the church. We have Pastors driving stolen cars, stealing mobile phones, stealing people’s money, defiling young girls, carrying guns into church, sodomizing boys, smuggling and several others. The Public and God are looking for Repentance and not defense of reputations.

We have written to the President on this matter and we appeal to parliament to help him to set up an independent commission of inquiry on this issue.
We shall continue to stand in confidence and boldness to fight the evils in our land of defilement, sodomy, child sacrifice, corruption and moral decay and we call upon everyone to pray with us to save our nation

Christains join Muslims to fight Homosexuality

Aaron Kirunda

The Muslim Leaders have joined the Christian leaders in Uganda under that National Coalition Against Homosexuality and other sexual abuses under a campaign called Kick sodomy out of Uganda.

"We are bound by the common desire and strong commitment to marriage between man and woman and the family that gives birth to children, regardless of our religious and denominational differences" Pastor Martin Ssempa one of christian leaders said.

"We have come together to defend our constitution and our culture to kick sodomy out of Uganda" Ssempa added.

Pastor Michael Kyazze of Omega Healing Centre also promised that they shall stand with and fight for the victims of sodomy and sexual abuse and work towards the elimination of sodomy and all forms of sexual abuse from schools, churches, prisons and communities.

In a joint statement the religious leaders said that they have been bothered by the failure of victims to access justice and the frustration of many by the police investigative machinery. They pledged to stand with the victims of homosexuality to rebuild their broken lives, save them from their silent pain, broken hearts and trauma by advocating for their justice, protecting them, and providing for them material and legal support.

They also pledged to work with all faith groups and government as partners in keeping the constitution of Uganda.