Monday, December 28, 2009

Anti-Homo Bill Blow to Democracy?

VSO InternationalA bill that may be passed into law in Uganda has been criticised by human rights groups, it has been reported.

Overall, seventeen organisations have submitted a statement containing their protests and disapproval of the proposed changes, which would result in the death penalty for those who continue to engage in homosexual activity.

Ask yourself, who funds these groups that protested, and are they representative of all Ugandans? or are they self-interest groups?

Spokesperson for Sexual Minorities Uganda David Kato stated that the proposals are a "blow to democracy" in the country.

David Kato, a primary school headteacher is defiling young kids and recruiting them into homosexuality, using his position. I wonder how Ugandan's move to make their own law is a blow to democracy, it is ridiculous for other countries to even meddle in the Ugandan system, that is not democratic! And i thought Democracy is rule of Majority? 95% of Ugandans are opposed to homosexuality, what democracy are we talking about here?

"It goes against the inclusive spirit necessary for our economic as well as political development. Its spirit is profoundly undemocratic and un-African," he explained.

Human Rights Watch, the World AIDS Campaign and Amnesty International have also condemned the bill in recent months.

Earlier this month, Reuters reported that the general consensus among activists is that the private members' bill will be passed with a few alterations, but little opposition from the country's budget donors.

The proposed bill should be passed by all means to strengthen our laws.

Kigezi Bishop: Homosexual Supporters support Colonialism

Daily Monitor,
Agitators and perpetrators of homosexuality are indirectly bringing back colonialism in Uganda, the Bishop of Kigezi Diocese Rt. Rev. George Katwesigye has said.

“Let no body be deceived of the big sums of money they (perpetrators of homosexuality) are promising because we would rather remain poor than sacrifice our culture and values,” he said.

Bishop Katwesigye told Daily Monitor that the public should not rush for quick wealth, saying the desire to amass riches through dubious ways is partly to blame for the infiltration of foreign cultures that target desperate Ugandans who end up spreading homosexuality to innocent people.

He took a swipe at corrupt government officials and urged them to accept their misdeeds and repent.

Bishop Katwesigye said as the 2011 general elections near, politicians should not impose their views on the electorate and the Church to enable people make own decisions.

Bunyoro king supports Anti-gay bill

Daily Monitor

Solomon Gafabusa Iguru, the Omukama of Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom, has condemned homosexuality and declared support for the bill against the act.

The Omukama, who was today morning speaking to journalists in Hoima district, the seat of the kingdom, said that homosexuality is immoral and against African traditional norms and should not be allowed to take root in Uganda.

A known critic of colonialism and its influences in Uganda, the Omukama accused countries in the west for introducing homosexuality in Uganda. He said the negativity of colonialism was resurfacing due to the fact that many western countries are trying to impede the approval of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill.

The bill has received widespread condemnation across the world. The major bone of contention is that it prescribes the penalty of death for crimes described as ‘aggravated homosexuality’.

The Omukama also called on teachers in his kingdom to look out for children in their care by preventing homosexuality. He said that it was often at school that children were likely to learn and adapt homosexuality.

He called on Members of Parliament from his kingdom to fully back the Bill when it is presented to Parliament again.