Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Anti-gay bishops meet in Mukono

By Ganzi Muhanguzi

A TOTAL of 39 bishops, are in the country to defend the Global Anglican Future Conference Movement (GAFCON).

GAFCON is a clergy movement against homosexuality in the Church.

Archbishop Nicholas Okoh from Nigeria, who is also the chairman of the GAFCON Theological Resource Group, said the misrepresentation of Christ and his nature is a threat to the Church.

“The controversy about who Jesus is, almost crippled the Church some time back,” he said.

He urged Christians to follow the Bible and reject popular distortions.

The group is meeting at Uganda Christian University, Mukono.

Uganda’s Archbishop,s Henry Luke Orombi, in August, declared the next 10 years, a decade of mission, urging the Anglican churches to spread the gospel.

Currently in the Anglican Church, the liberal Anglicans, led by Canterbury are in favour of homosexuality, while conservatives, led by Archbishop Peter Akinola of Nigeria are opposed to the move.

Akonola’s group is threatening a break in communion if the Canterbury does not retract their stand.

The Meeting, which ends today, attracted clergy from USA, UK, Australia, South India, South Africa, Burundi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria and Uganda.

Homosexuality is a moral disease

By Isaac Eyalama (A public health professional and mobilization secretary for the Inter-Faith Rainbow Coalition Against Homosexuality in Uganda)

I write in response to an article by Dr. Paul Semugoma titled “Same sex attraction is not a disease,” that was published in The New Vision of September 18. The issue the writer seems to advocate in his article is the acceptance of this vice. But is such behaviour rational, scientifically functional or detrimental to the high level of civilisation that we have achieved?

By claiming their relationships are normal, homosexuals are trying to influence the Government to legally bless their unions. They hope to indoctrinate society to accept it.

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, “In the biological evolutionary scale, the more complex the species, the longer the offspring is dependent on its mother for survival from the time of birth to maturity.”

Human beings, at the top of the evolutionary scale, require the most time of all species to reach maturity. This increases the duties of parents to their children. The best chance for the successful development of the child into adulthood occurs when both parents are deeply involved throughout the period of child rearing. Hence, marriage lays the foundation for the traditional nuclear family, whose basic constituents are mother, father and a child, and which is the primary unit for ensuring the procreation of human beings and the preservation of their societies.

Scientifically, sex is a means to an end; the end being the propagation of the human race. This end can never be fulfilled by sex between males or females. Therefore,homosexuality is irrational and illogical.

According to psychiatrists Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung who were objective and unprejudiced, psychologically, homosexuality is abnormal. However, large scale lobbying by homosexuals and certain psychologists biased this scientific field of inquiry hence the truth became masked.

Abnormal sexual preference, even when it becomes ‘normal’ to an individual due to abnormal circumstances can be controlled. Just because certain individuals experience sexual desires towards members of the same sex, because something went wrong in their lives does mean that that their behaviour should be accepted.

There is no doubt that Christianity, Islam and traditional religions in Africa strongly condemn homosexuality. According to the Old Testament and the Koran, the people of Lot’s days were destroyed because they engaged in homosexual behaviour, they did not repent and accepting God’s admonishment (Genesis chapter 13, 14, 18, 19 and the Koran 7: 80-84; 4:16).

In Romans 1:22-27), Paul says: “Their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural and the men likewise gave up natural relations with women and were consumed with passion for one another, men committing shameless acts with men and receiving in their own persons the due penalty for their error.”

Studies have shown that homosexuality increases the risk of getting HIV/AIDS. Anal sex can cause rectal bleeding and thereby allowing easy transmission of HIV.

It is estimated that the majority of people with HIV/AIDS in the US today are homosexual or bi-sexual males. According the General Social Survey of the University of Chicago homosexual men were at the highest risk of contracting HIV.

The cost of treating people with HIV/AIDS is high. We must, therefore, mitigate its spread.

Dr. Semugoma argued that homosexuality as a natural phenomenon even in the animal kingdom but a comparison of this vice in men with intellect is not justified. Animals at times kill and eat their offspring. We cannot, therefore, justify the killing of our children just because it happens in the animal kingdom

Common sense, science, logic, psychology and religion have contributed to its civilisation. Homosexuality is irrational, illogical, abnormal and immoral behaviour. However, We should not condemn people who practise homosexuality but rather criticise their behaviour and help them find solutions to their problem.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ugandan President claims homosexuality is "foreign culture"

The Ugandan President has spoken of his country's "rejection" of homosexuality during a speech he gave at the wedding of a former MP's daughter.

Yoweri Museveni said the purpose of life was to create children and that homosexuality was a "negative foreign culture."

Uganda is one of the African countries at the centre of a row in the Anglican Communion over homosexuality and the ordination of gay priests that threatens to rip the Anglican Church to shreds.

260 bishops, many of them African, have declined invitations to the Lambeth conference, (the once a decade meeting of Anglican bishops) on the grounds of ordination of woman and gay bishops is immoral and against the teachings of Christ.

The conference began in Canterbury this week. 650 bishops and archbishops are in attendance.

The Archbishop of Uganda, Henry Luke Orombi has already called for all pro-gay bishops to apologise to God. During a press conference he said, "The rift in the Church can only be bridged if the liberal bishops, espousing sexual perversion, repent and return to Christ's teachings."

In June this year, Ugandan Bishop Luzinda condemned homosexuality.

"I have been hearing that gays are demanding that the government should legalise their activities. This is absurd because God created a man and woman so that they can produce and fill this world," Bishop Luzinda said.

"The government should not be tempted to legalise this backward culture which is bound to destroy this country."

"Not all that comes from Europe is superior and must be taken up by us," Bishop Luzinda said.

The Archbishop of Canterbury has also angered liberal members, particularly the US Episcopal Church, for not inviting openly gay bishop Gene Robinson of New Hampshire to the Lambeth conference.

The plight of Uganda's gay men and lesbians has been highlighted recently, with high profile asylum cases such as Prossy Kakooza championed by Peter Tatchell and LGBT equality groups.

At Pride London earlier this month the Deputy Labour Party Leader and Minister for Equality, Harriet Harman, was booed over the government's high deportation record of gay and lesbian asylum seekers.

Many gay asylum seekers are being deported on the premise that they can continue to pursue their sexuality in the native land if they act "discreetly".

In 2006 a Uganadan newspaper published a list of citizens they believed to be gay. The Red Paper printed 45 first names and professions of people believed to be homosexual men.

During President Museveni's time in office LGBT Ugandans have been repeatedly threatened, harassed or attacked. Many have fled the country.

Ugandan AIDS Commission Chief says homosexuality must be stamped out in schools

Dr Kihumuro Apuuli, the Ugandan AIDS Commission Chief, has warned the education ministry of that country that homosexuality is "rife" in schools.

Dr Apuuli also urged the education ministry to stamp out homosexuality, and said that parents and guardians must aid them in this, The New Vision reports.

"The practice [of homosexuality] is common among young people between 15 and 24 years," he said.

Dr Apuuli recently returned from the International AIDS Conference in Mexico, and claims that Uganda was under attack by other states due to its conservative stance on gays and lesbians.

"We had quite adverse publicity in Mexico," he said.

"Many speakers condemned our country but I believe we have strong values in terms of behaviour and what we think is right."

At the conference at the beginning of this month, UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon advised nations to "pass laws against homophobia" in order to slow the spread of HIV/AIDS.

Writing in the Washington Times, Ban Ki-Moon continued to urge societies "to speak out against discrimination and to guarantee the rights of people living with HIV."

Lisa Power, Corporate Head of Policy and Public Affairs at Terrence Higgins Trust (THT), was present at the conference.

She recently told

"One of the main foci of the conference was the problem in places where there is stigma attached to gay and bisexual men and HIV positive people.

"Basically, until you stop persecuting these people, you can't prevent the spread of HIV.

"This is a problem particularly in some places in Latin America and Africa."

Ugandans should not embrace homosexuality

By Isaac Eyalama

The New Vision of August 18, quoted President Yoweri Museveni to have saluted the Archbishop of Uganda, the Rev. Henry Luke Orombi, and other African religious leaders for resisting homosexuality, a decadent culture being passed on by the Western nations.

We have always been asked why we concern ourselves with homosexual issues or same-sex marriages when they do not affect us. Why not just live and let live? Some people ask

We oppose legalisation of same-sex marriages or the promotion of homosexuality because, as examples from around the world show, homosexual activists are not content to just “live and let live.”

They are seeking to make it illegal for anyone to teach that homosexuality is not natural or that it is not good for anyone’s health since studies show medical risks associated with homosexual lifestyle. Neither do they want anybody to teach that it is morally wrong.

Homosexual activists are seeking to force churches to stop teaching their longstanding beliefs regarding homosexuality. They are trying to make it illegal or to be considered unethical for therapists to treat unwanted same-sex attraction because everytime someone is successfully treated, it destroys their claim that homosexual behaviour is genetic and inevitable. Worse still, they want to recruit our children though sex education programs.

In essence, they want to mainstream homosexuality throughout the world through laws, polices, harassment and intimidation. They want to prevent anyone saying anything negative about their sexual activities.

We must fight because the future of our families, our faith and many of our freedoms are at stake.

What happens in one country can affect many other countries as legal precedence is established and homosexual activists become emboldened in their demands.

We cannot sit on the sidelines; we must all engage in this battle now.

All Ugandans and Africans should join the President and religious leaders in this cause and support the various initiatives to preserve and protect marriage and religious freedom and to stop the homosexual agenda from changing our continent.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Arise Uganda, Homosexuality is eating you up

Ugandans, please arise and make a difference. It is time take action and take steps to stop homosexuality from expanding, read the comments of these high school students and know what danger we have in our schools, everywhere. Please pray, and act, talk to your children, write to head teachers, and take care of what you expose your teens to.

I know parents are always the first to point fingers at schools but have you played your part? Parents have failed to. give their children parental guidance; sex education and enough love and care; they haven't taught their children various virtues patience, contentment and selflessness. This exposes children to wrong sex education from uncensored movies that you have not cared to sieve. If you didn't know, teens are emulating what they see in those movies.

The children, especially teenagers who have a lot of demands, go in for homosexuality because they have been promised money and sponsorship to universities abroad.

Parents deny their children a chance to interact with the opposite sex thinking it is bad but all they are creating are bigger problems. Most parents do not interact with their children so they do not get a chance to .listen to their challenges and know their friends. If your child's friends are homosexuals, chances are that your child is the next target. You have thrown all these responsibilities to the teachers at school.

For heavens sake, teachers have their own families and they are dealing with a large number of students. How can they handle each child at a personal level? It is these loopholes that are creating space for this evil to spread in schools. When a homosexual is expelled, parents complain claiming that expulsion is not the solution to the problem.

This featured in New Vision Teen Magazine

But when a homosexual student is retained by the school on condition that he/she will be counseled, complaints from parents arise in fear for their children!!! Therefore, what should be done? You know, homosexuality is a very sensitive issue and it has other underlying causes like Western influences, pornography, mass media, material gain, betrayal by the opposite sex, mental illness and permissiveness.

I only meant to open our eyes to avoid the business of painting fingers at schools; there are greater causes. Pointing fingers does not solve the problem; let's look for solutions to eradicate this fast spreading moral disaster that is spreading thrice as fast as the school fires. Together, we shall fight if there is hope for the teenagers, a brighter future and a homosexual free environment.

Messages from Students


Homosexuality is more rampant in boys' schools. Many boys are sexually active so they begin admiring each other and practicing these weird tendencies.

I do not know about the boys but girls involved in lesbianism are too much into each other. They call each other sweetheart and carry for each other water to the bathroom. Personally I believe expulsion is not enough. These people need to be counseled by professionals


I have read about homosexuality in the press and I have heard of massive expulsions of homosexuals from many schools.

I think it is more common in single sex schools because they do not interact with the opposite sex. It is worse in boys' schools because boys are easily influenced by many things. Boys in higher classes usually take advantage of younger ones in lower classes and force them into homosexuality.

Schools should do more in educating students about the dangers of homosexuality. Parents should be involved more in their children’s lives ,so they guide them. Imprisonment does not change or help matters. Counseling does.


WHOEVER believes that homosexuality does not occur in schools is like the proverbial ostrich which buries its head in the sand.

A friend told me he used to practice homosexuality at their school until he developed complications down there. I did not believe him because I did not expect a friend to be homosexual. He told me it was because of money given to him by his ‘sponsor’, a white guy. I think school authorities should be very strict when it comes to homosexuality because it is a movement. Teachers and health officials should examine both boys and girls suspected of this act, and when evidence is got, they should be handed over to the Police. Such strong meassuere will deter many from practicing it.


Friends from other schools tell me of girls who have been expelled from their schools because thy are suspected of lesbianism. I think the best way of handling this is by counseling the girls other than expulsion. Counselling them about the dangers of homosexuality is enough to deter many from it. I do not buy the argument the people are born homosexuals. God was not foolish to create man and woman. School authorities should get very serious with the so called…


I believe teachers know about homosexuality but keep quiet because they want to protect the reputation of their schools.

The onus is on the government. School inspectors should inspect single sex schools. To stop this habit from taking root in schools, I think it should be a school policy for single sex schools to kill the monotony. Socials should be held ever weekend so girls can interact with boys.


I will say homosexuality exists in schools number of my friends from other schools have testified to it. They say that the homosexuals behave. walk (in a certain way. gug additions!)


A Rwandese guy in my former school was a homosexual. Of course it was known in the student’s circles and boys in his dormitory knew that he was gay but none of them reported him to the school authorities. He was girlish in everything he did, for instance he liked hugging boys tenderly.

I think silence has favored homosexuality. I think the more that students chose to keep quiet about it fuels its spread. Open discourses are better than shunning the culprits because they never change. Maybe though talk, they will realize that they are damaging their bodies.

Ssempa rewarded for anti-gay crusade

By Joyce Namutebi

DR. Martin Ssempa, a pastor at Makerere Community Church, has received an award for his fight against homosexuality.

Ssempa and his wife Tracey received the plague from Apostle Alex Mitala, the overseer of the National Fellowship of Born Again Churches in Uganda.

This was during the “Great Marriage Celebration” organised by the National Association of Marriage Enhancement in conjunction with the National Fellowship of Born Again Pentecostal Churches in Uganda at Nakivubo Stadium over the weekend.

Mitala led hundreds of couples who converged at the stadium from various parts of the country into a prayer for Ssempa to continue being the torch-bearer in the fight against the vice in Uganda.

“You are not fighting alone. We are with you,” Mitala said.

He said homosexuality was one way of making the world extinct.

“When men marry each other and women marry women, clans and tribes become extinct,” Mitala noted.

Bishop Michael Mugerwa, the organiser of the celebrations, urged couples to continue the fight against homosexuality, saying marriage was made for man and woman.

Ssempa thanked the Christians for standing by him and said he was encouraged by their support to continue with his campaign.

He proposed the establishment of a national marriage alliance to counter homosexuality.

Ssempa said the alliance would also discuss problems concerning marriage in Uganda.

Dr. Joseph Serwadda, the patron of Churches in Communities, asked the Government to consider declaring a national day for married people.

Pr. Robert Kayanja of Lubaga Miracle Centre Cathedral urged husbands to listen to their wives, saying that God can use them to bring blessings in their families.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Miss HIV launched all over...

Miss HIV explores the international collision of HIV/AIDS policies while following the journey of two HIV-positive women who enter the contest in Botswana. Filmed across Africa and the international AIDS conference in Toronto this explosive ethnographic film shares both sides of an ideology struggle. What is happening in Botswana, where half of all pregnant women have HIV, is set against Uganda who has experienced the largest reductions of new infections ever recorded. Unlike any film you've ever seen on AIDS, the story takes you backstage to the Miss HIV pageant and behind the curtain on what is really happening in the war against a virus that is now the leading killer of people under 60 in the world.

What is gradually revealed is, in part, the absurdity and hypocrisy of an ideology that is built upon the idea of radical human freedom, and that seeks to normalize HIV in order to erase "stigma", but that in turn stigmatizes anyone who even suggests abstinence or fidelity may be a solution to what is, after all, a sexually-transmitted disease.

As Martin Ssempa, the electric young Ugandan pastor who has been so instrumental in reducing HIV rates in his country, says, "You know what I find? I find that these guys have an irrational fear of abstinence. I mean they're paranoid. When you say the word abstinence they go 'Arraghagh! Stop!' And then, if you really want to get them riled up, say something about faithful in marriage. They want to pull their hair out!"

Monday, June 30, 2008

NewVision Awards Dr. Martin Ssempa

Harriette Onyalla

Pastor Martin Ssempa, Jesse Okot , Francis Kigobe, Maria Baryamujura, Abdu Lutaaya, Musa Wakibi's son and Mwalimu Musheshe show off their certificates

SELF doubt. You cannot help following your heart anymore. You can no longer stand by and watch things continue the way they are. You cannot deny the fact that you do not exactly fall in the 'rich' bracket.You decide to start a project to change your community and many times you want to give up but your heart will not let you. And then someone comes along and says your efforts are, indeed, great. You are making a difference in your community. That was the mood in The New Vision conference room recently. Here were 10 Ugandans whom other Ugandans thought were making a difference in their communities in different ways. Francis Kigobe chose to build a library. Catherine Mwesigwa, The New Vision's Features Editor put it aptly: "Kigobe chose to donate to other young people an opportunity he did not have when he was young."


Pastor Martin Ssempa of Makerere preaches sexual restraint and abstinence to young people. He says sex is a beautiful thing if it is done at the right time in the right place, that place is called marriage. "If you want a child to take their medicine without a fight, make it look beautiful that is why most syrups are pink, add there some sugar to make it sweet. That is why I am now a 'cool' guy. Young people now know abstaining from sex can be fun," he says.

Ssempa emerged second runner-up, taking home sh500,000. While parents and the youths at Makerere University, who flock Pastor Ssempa's Prime Time evenings every Saturday appreciate his message, some people, especially the donor community, think he should preach condoms as well. Not bad, one would say, but how do you preach condoms and abstinence using the same platform?

read more

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Pro-gay activists arrested at AIDS meet

By Arthur Baguma
and Patrick Ogwang

GAY rights demonstrators beat security and sneaked into the venue of a global HIV/AIDS meeting at the Imperial Royale Hotel yesterday but ended up under Police arrest.

A woman and two men beat the security detail and sneaked with placards and a 67-page document soliciting for funding of their activities in Uganda. The activists, now detained at Jinja Road Police Station, were identified as Pepe Juliana Onzema, a freelance journalist, Usaam Mukwaaya and Valantini Katende.

Police spokesperson Simeo Nsubuga described them as intruders. “We are looking at a case of criminal trespass against them. They are not delegates and were not invited. They did not have accreditation cards.”

The suspects, he said, had placards calling on the participants to consider gays in the planning and prevention of HIV/AIDS.

“Gay Ugandans also need HIV prevention”, read one placard. Another said: “Since 1983 up to 2008 zero shillings to HIV prevention for gay Ugandans”.

Anti-gay campaigner Pastor Martin Sempa termed the incident as unfortunate. “These people are illegal. They are in a wrong place and a wrong forum. In Uganda, we don’t have a place for such people.”

Earlier, the demonstrators managed to distribute their document to some of the delegates, drawn from across the globe.
In the paper, the gays urged the donors and other funding agencies to help reduce the rate of infection and to alleviate the suffering of anyone infected and affected by AIDS.

Homosexuality is illegal in Uganda under the Penal Code and is categorized as an unnatural practice. Ethics minister Dr. Nsaba Buturo has condemned gay activities.

The document said the gays are organized under four organizations namely Freedom and Roam Uganda, Integrity Uganda, Icebreakers Uganda and Spectrum Initiatives Uganda.

The meeting opened on Tuesday and drew over 1,700 participants from over 70 countries. President Yoweri Museveni opened the conference. He called for a

To Vote Obama is to kiss Death

To the voters in America, you should know that to vote the man getting more popularity, and actually now Democratic Nominee, come November is to kiss death, as he is the biggest supporter of the violation of the fundamental human right to life.

In a research carried out by NARAL Pro-Choice America on who is the most pro-abortion presidential candidate, Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill) emerged the winner of thus dubious distinction.

The Illinois senator scored a major coup yesterday when NARAL endorsed him as its choice for President. The decision surprised the abortion faithful because it signals a major break between NARAL and their ally Emily's List, which has supported Clinton since the early days of her campaign.

The two groups went toe-to-toe in this morning's press, sparring over which candidate is the most radical on their issue. "I think it is tremendously disrespectful to Sen. Clinton," said Emily's List President Ellen Malcolm. "[She helped force] approval of Plan B and... spoke so eloquently during the Supreme Court nomination about the importance of protecting Roe v. Wade..." Both Clinton and Obama scored a 100% on the voting scorecard of abortion interest groups. Both have voted against a partial-birth abortion ban. But only one has the ability to win, and NARAL's money will literally be on Obama.

To pundits, this is yet another indication that the sun is setting on Clinton's candidacy. To us, it confirms that no matter who prevails, the Democratic nominee will be the most radical pro-abortion candidate this country has ever seen.
So Voters be ware, save your nation, save the future, respect the fundamental human rights of every being, born or yet to be born.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Ugandans Battle Amakula's Homosexual Agenda

Film buffs at the just-concluded Fifth Amakula Kampala International Film Festival must have wondered why the film showcase did not start on time last Thursday.

Most had come early to the National Theatre to watch Ugandan filmmaker George Sengendo’s works Adopted Twins and Dangerous Decisions scheduled to show in the morning.

Unbeknownst to them, Pastor Martin Ssempa had thrown a spanner in the festival works and had petitioned the Broadcast Council about the impending screening of a gay-themed movie The Watermelon Woman at 10.15p.m. that day in the Green Room. The Broadcast Council forwarded the complaint to the Media Council who summoned the festival organisers and asked that they preview the controversial film first.

The Watermelon Woman is a loosely constructed faux documentary about black lesbian filmmaker’s obsession with obscure silent film star. says it’s the kind of film that would be much appreciated by those seeking mix of tongue-in-cheek humour with thought-provoking exploration of gender, race and identity.

The Media Council then decided that the film contained a lewd lesbian act that was not palatable for public consumption and its secretary Mr Paul Mukasa requested that they suspend the film but that the festival could go on.

Another gay-themed film, Rag Tag by Nigerian born filmmaker Adaora Nwandu had already shown on Tuesday May 6 at 10.10p.m. at the festival before Ssempa’s raised his complaints. Rag Tag is short for Raymond and Tagbo. It is about two inseparable Afro-Brit teenagers who reunite after years of separation.

During a trip to Nigeria they realise that their feelings for each other are more than just friendship. The film paints itself as a depiction of how empty and suffocating life can be for gay Black people.

The fiery Pastor Ssempa has gone on to say that Hivos, a Dutch organisation that is one of the festival’s prime sponsors is also an active pusher of the gay agenda. Festival director Alice Smits who has often been on the receiving end of Pastor Ssempa’s anti-gay activism resents his militant approach to fighting homosexuality which does not promote dialogue.

The two clashed at the Commonwealth People’s Space last November after Ssempa mobilised youth to push Ms Smits off the venue where the Amakula Kampala Cultural Foundation had organised a debate between pro and anti-gay activists.

The halting of The Watermelon Woman’s screening may look like an extension of the personal vendetta between Ssempa and Smits but Ssempa insists that Smits is offending African culture, the Christian faith and breaking our laws in using the festival to push the gay agenda. “There are sections of the Penal Code that condemn homosexuality and indecency which those two films are all about,” says Ssempa.

He would prefer that the Media Council took a more proactive approach to ridding society of this “seedy, dirty, filth” that is on TV and in most films coming out of Hollywood today. “The absence of the censorship board is the reason everyone feels they can bring their filth here.

Hivos and Amakula are computer programmes that may have good content but are embedded with viruses. As civil society, we need stronger anti-viruses to inoculate ourselves against them even as they get more sophisticated,” says Ssempa.

Media Council’s Mukasa knows the regulatory body ought to play a more proactive role. “But you must understand that like most institutions of our kind like the police, someone has to report first,” says Mukasa. He, however, urges restraint in civil society’s pursuit of the anti-gay agenda.

Amakula’s Smit is rather surprised at the whole hullabaloo about the two gay films at this year’s festival. “We are not out to push any gay agenda. The focus this year was on pictures by African filmmakers and the diversity of subjects they are exploring. We showed over 300 films and it is not that the two gay films were pornographic so in my opinion, Amakula did not break any of the laws Ssempa is talking about,” says Smits.

Friday, May 16, 2008

California Marriage Law: Judges respect the majority vote!!

By Aaron Kirunda

After a brief period of judicial restraint, California voters watched in horror this afternoon as judicial activism returned with a vengeance in one of the most egregious rulings in American jurisprudence.
It took just four activist judges to overturn the historical definition of marriage, not to mention the vote of more than four and a half million Californians, as the state supreme court issued a much-anticipated ruling on the question of same-sex "marriage." By a 4-3 margin, the justices struck down a law, adopted by 61 percent of voters in 2000, which defined marriage as the union of one man and one woman.
By imposing same-sex "marriage" on voters, the California Supreme Court knowingly usurped the right of the people to effect change in public policy. This outcome is even more troubling than Massachusetts', in that California voters had already won the right to put a marriage protection amendment on the ballot in November.
If the court cared at all about the democratic process, it would have stayed its decision until the people's voice was heard on the November amendment. Instead, these justices trampled on the legislature and created same-sex marriage by judicial fiat. This is nothing more than a judicial shotgun wedding that forces a redefinition of marriage on the people of California and potentially the rest of the nation.
We trust that the voters of California will act in November to correct this exercise in judicial activism and to permanently enshrine the traditional definition of marriage in the state constitution. Clearly, this decision highlights the need for a federal amendment defining marriage in the U.S. Constitution. Only then will this campaign to shatter the family's foundation be ended once and for all.

To Vote Obama is to kiss Death

To the voters in America, you should know that to vote the man getting more popularity come November is to kiss death, as he is the biggest supporter of the violation of the fundamental human right to life. In a research carried out by NARAL Pro-Choice America on who is the most pro-abortion presidential candidate, Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill) emerged the winner of thus dubious distinction.
The Illinois senator scored a major coup yesterday when NARAL endorsed him as its choice for President. The decision surprised the abortion faithful because it signals a major break between NARAL and their ally Emily's List, which has supported Clinton since the early days of her campaign.
The two groups went toe-to-toe in this morning's press, sparring over which candidate is the most radical on their issue. "I think it is tremendously disrespectful to Sen. Clinton," said Emily's List President Ellen Malcolm. "[She helped force] approval of Plan B and... spoke so eloquently during the Supreme Court nomination about the importance of protecting Roe v. Wade..." Both Clinton and Obama scored a 100% on the voting scorecard of abortion interest groups. Both have voted against a partial-birth abortion ban. But only one has the ability to win, and NARAL's money will literally be on Obama.
To pundits, this is yet another indication that the sun is setting on Clinton's candidacy. To us, it confirms that no matter who prevails, the Democratic nominee will be the most radical pro-abortion candidate this country has ever seen.
So Voters be ware, save your nation, save the future, respect the fundamental human rights of every being, born or yet to be born.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ugandan AIDS Activist's Facts Trounce UN Official Claim that Catholic Church to Blame for AIDS Crisis

Martin Ssempa states that the opposite is true

By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman

A United Nations official charged with overseeing AIDS prevention programs in Central America is blaming the Catholic Church's condemnation of contraception for the perpetuation of the disease.

Alberto Stella, Coordinator for the United Nations AIDS (UNAIDS) program in Nicaragua, Honduras, and Costa Rica, told Reuters recently that "In Latin America the use of condoms has been demonized, but if they were used in every relation I guarantee the epidemic would be resolved in the region." He attributed this "demonization" to the influence of Catholicism, according to the news agency.

Martin Ssempa, a Ugandan AIDS activist who has long decried the United Nation's anti-abstinence position, denounced the statement in an interview with LifeSiteNews.

"There is absolutely no scientific evidence to back up what Mr. Alberto is saying," said Ssempa. "Condoms have not reduced HIV-AIDS anywhere in the fact, to the contrary, higher condoms across Africa have resulted in higher HIV. If we look across Africa, the countries with the highest condoms, they include Botswana, South Africa, Zimbabwe, these are the countries which also have higher HIV. And if we look at countries with less condoms, such as Uganda, Senegal, Kenya, these are the countries also with less HIV."

Ssempa noted that "UNAIDS is demonizing the Catholic Church unfairly. In fact, in countries where the Catholic Church is strong, there is lower HIV than places where the Catholic Church is not. Higher condoms have not resulted in lower HIV. In fact, it is the contrary."

As LifeSiteNews reported earlier this year, statistics bear out Ssempa's contention. Reporter Hillary White noted on March 5th that "2003 statistics from the World Factbook of the US Central Intelligence Agency, shows Burundi at 62% Catholic with 6% AIDS infection rate. Angola's population is 38% Roman Catholic and has 3.9% AIDS rate. Ghana is 63% Christian, with in some regions as much as 33% Catholic and has 3.1% AIDS rate. Nigeria, divided almost evenly between the strongly Muslim north and Christian and "animist" south, has 5.4% AIDS rate" (see article at

Despite its insistence on promoting condom use over abstinence, Ssempa notes that "UNAIDS has no success story. UNAIDS cannot point at any country where they have given advice and that country has brought HIV down." Even the World Bank has conceded the problem, he said.

Ssempa speculates that, as with the scandalous oil-for-food program, UN officials may be benefiting from relationships with pharmaceutical companies that produce the condoms.

"I am suspicious of the UNAIDS relationship with condom companies, in light of recent oil-for-food scandals and the corruption that has been exposed in the UN, I am suspicious about...the cause of UNAIDS officials spending billions of dollars on condoms without any evidence to back them up," he told LifeSiteNews.

Dr. Edward C. Green, a research scientist at the Harvard Center for Population and Development, has also speculated about economic motives behind the puzzling support for methods that have proven ineffective in preventing AIDS transmission. "It is by no means clear that empirical evidence can overcome ideological blinders or compete with the big business in pharmaceutical products that AIDS prevention has become," he wrote in a recent article for the Weekly Standard.

Homosexuals, Please have some common sense!!!

By Aaron Kirunda

I condemn absolutely the actions of the University of Toledo for firing an associate Vice President of Human resources, Crystal Dixon because she "challenged the civil rights comparison of race with homosexual behavior, saying that science has never found a genetic cause or DNA for homosexuality. She said many gay people have overcome unwanted homosexual feelings as evidenced by the growing population of PFOX and ex-gay organizations."

Homosexuals and their supporters should have some common sense and stop taking the law in their hands. This in itself is abuse of human rights, they have abused her human right to freedom of expression.

Homosexuals should also know that the practice of homosexuality is abuse of the fundamental human right to life. All homosexuals and lesbians deny unborn children from being born, they kill their own potential of being fathers and mothers and thus breaching the fundamental human right to life of those would be world changers.

The world should know that such actions as Homosexuality and lesbianism are leading to the end of the world. Human beings are supposed to reproduce themselves and if they cannot because they are marrying each other, the next generation will have no people. This takes me to a point of wondering why homosexuals and lesbians go ahead to adopt kids, i thought by marrying from the same sex they hate kids and do not want to have kids, who do they think will produce for them to adopt when God gave them the organs to reproduce.

It is time the world learned from history, history has it that the two cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed because of their sodomy (homosexual acts. They were destroyed by fire and the more we continue to embrace this more than barbaric behavior we are putting ourselves in the position to be destroyed by fire. This is because God is God and it does not matter whether you believe in him, his existence and authority or you do not, he remains supreme.

So whoever is practicing homosexuality should watch out!!!!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Penalties for provocative dressing approved

By Robert Mushabe

Following continuing reports of provocative and seductive dressing by Makerere female students, the University has come up with clear penalties to curb the situation.

"The penalties include, written warnings, public apologies and suspensions have also been approved," Pr.Martin Sempa said.

The penalties apply to all students, academic staff, administration and support staff of the University. This comes as a result of male students claiming that girls do not seduce lecturers only but also them.

Pr.Martin Sempa, head of Makerere Community Centre Church stressed the importance of
Pastor Martin Sempa. Photo/File

a conducive environment for bit students and staff.

The body charged with the duty to ensure that these policies are implemented will fall under the Anti-sexual Harassment Committee led by the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Livingston Luboobi. It also consists of student leaders and representatives from staff.

Last month, local dailies ran headlines that were of great concern to not only the University administration but the student community as well.

Pr.Sempa urged female students to always use dressing codes that tally with events in question. He advised them not to go to the lecture rooms putting on mini-skirts.

The policies received mixed reactions from the student community.

Tom Kakuru, a first year Industrial Psychology student, supports the new policies."Let them be implemented. We and our Lecturers are suffering because girl dress provocatively to entice us."

Former University Guild, Susan Abbo, accepts that students dress that way to take the attention of men.

"When I was in my first year, I also used to dress in that way but it was not interesting. I argue girls to be morally upright," Abbo said.