Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Penalties for provocative dressing approved

By Robert Mushabe

Following continuing reports of provocative and seductive dressing by Makerere female students, the University has come up with clear penalties to curb the situation.

"The penalties include, written warnings, public apologies and suspensions have also been approved," Pr.Martin Sempa said.

The penalties apply to all students, academic staff, administration and support staff of the University. This comes as a result of male students claiming that girls do not seduce lecturers only but also them.

Pr.Martin Sempa, head of Makerere Community Centre Church stressed the importance of
Pastor Martin Sempa. Photo/File

a conducive environment for bit students and staff.

The body charged with the duty to ensure that these policies are implemented will fall under the Anti-sexual Harassment Committee led by the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Livingston Luboobi. It also consists of student leaders and representatives from staff.

Last month, local dailies ran headlines that were of great concern to not only the University administration but the student community as well.

Pr.Sempa urged female students to always use dressing codes that tally with events in question. He advised them not to go to the lecture rooms putting on mini-skirts.

The policies received mixed reactions from the student community.

Tom Kakuru, a first year Industrial Psychology student, supports the new policies."Let them be implemented. We and our Lecturers are suffering because girl dress provocatively to entice us."

Former University Guild, Susan Abbo, accepts that students dress that way to take the attention of men.

"When I was in my first year, I also used to dress in that way but it was not interesting. I argue girls to be morally upright," Abbo said.

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