Monday, June 30, 2008

NewVision Awards Dr. Martin Ssempa

Harriette Onyalla

Pastor Martin Ssempa, Jesse Okot , Francis Kigobe, Maria Baryamujura, Abdu Lutaaya, Musa Wakibi's son and Mwalimu Musheshe show off their certificates

SELF doubt. You cannot help following your heart anymore. You can no longer stand by and watch things continue the way they are. You cannot deny the fact that you do not exactly fall in the 'rich' bracket.You decide to start a project to change your community and many times you want to give up but your heart will not let you. And then someone comes along and says your efforts are, indeed, great. You are making a difference in your community. That was the mood in The New Vision conference room recently. Here were 10 Ugandans whom other Ugandans thought were making a difference in their communities in different ways. Francis Kigobe chose to build a library. Catherine Mwesigwa, The New Vision's Features Editor put it aptly: "Kigobe chose to donate to other young people an opportunity he did not have when he was young."


Pastor Martin Ssempa of Makerere preaches sexual restraint and abstinence to young people. He says sex is a beautiful thing if it is done at the right time in the right place, that place is called marriage. "If you want a child to take their medicine without a fight, make it look beautiful that is why most syrups are pink, add there some sugar to make it sweet. That is why I am now a 'cool' guy. Young people now know abstaining from sex can be fun," he says.

Ssempa emerged second runner-up, taking home sh500,000. While parents and the youths at Makerere University, who flock Pastor Ssempa's Prime Time evenings every Saturday appreciate his message, some people, especially the donor community, think he should preach condoms as well. Not bad, one would say, but how do you preach condoms and abstinence using the same platform?

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jjemba said...

Wow its good to see someone who has changed my life being recognised. Surely you deserved it. I chose to abstain from sex after attending Primetime in Makerere University. Thumbs up Dr Martin Sempa. Now Im looking forward to an exemplary marriage to the community around me.

Carol said...

This is the man....Dr.Martin Ssempa and PRIME TIME is the place to be...actually i think Dr.Ssempa should have taken the first position...anyways we need PRIME TIME and the massege of ABSTINENCE here in india.

i have been encouraged to abtain and continue running the race because of what takes place at PRIME TIME,makerere university,uganda.All the youths out there... PRIME TIME IS THE PLACE TO BE.


kawooya said...

aloooooo, surerly the Dr. deserved the recognition, thank you newvision for recognising good people in our society no wonder you are Uganda's leadingdaily newspaper, to the Dr. pliz thank you for mentoring global leaders and ALUTA CONTINUA, Wth men and women like these appreciated by the newvision there is still hope for Uganda

kasumba said...

I under stand that Dr. matrin has been the most inportant person in the nation uganda am from india but the only person the know how has stood up to help the youth is this man.people many nation do not openly stand and talk about Aids in the youth but pastor sempa has gone on the another level to teach the youth agout that i think he the HERO of many ugandans including me, pastor in what ever you do know that some one some were is being built up with what you do. you rock the nations