Monday, September 15, 2008

Ssempa rewarded for anti-gay crusade

By Joyce Namutebi

DR. Martin Ssempa, a pastor at Makerere Community Church, has received an award for his fight against homosexuality.

Ssempa and his wife Tracey received the plague from Apostle Alex Mitala, the overseer of the National Fellowship of Born Again Churches in Uganda.

This was during the “Great Marriage Celebration” organised by the National Association of Marriage Enhancement in conjunction with the National Fellowship of Born Again Pentecostal Churches in Uganda at Nakivubo Stadium over the weekend.

Mitala led hundreds of couples who converged at the stadium from various parts of the country into a prayer for Ssempa to continue being the torch-bearer in the fight against the vice in Uganda.

“You are not fighting alone. We are with you,” Mitala said.

He said homosexuality was one way of making the world extinct.

“When men marry each other and women marry women, clans and tribes become extinct,” Mitala noted.

Bishop Michael Mugerwa, the organiser of the celebrations, urged couples to continue the fight against homosexuality, saying marriage was made for man and woman.

Ssempa thanked the Christians for standing by him and said he was encouraged by their support to continue with his campaign.

He proposed the establishment of a national marriage alliance to counter homosexuality.

Ssempa said the alliance would also discuss problems concerning marriage in Uganda.

Dr. Joseph Serwadda, the patron of Churches in Communities, asked the Government to consider declaring a national day for married people.

Pr. Robert Kayanja of Lubaga Miracle Centre Cathedral urged husbands to listen to their wives, saying that God can use them to bring blessings in their families.


Unknown said...

Bravo Dr, Martin Ssempa, finally we have the voice of us all-99% ugandans rewarded. This i take as a national award for all Ugandans. We need to get stronger and join forces with Dr. Martin and fight against the epidemic of Homosexuality.

Dr. Martin, we are inspired, we are very much proud of you, we shall continue to support you and just be strong, we shall, we will and we must win.

For the Gays, do not be like balloons that when blown in air, they go up in the air as if they will not come back. And finally when they come back, the air is blown out immediately. Please come back home, come back and enjoy yourselves, you were not born like that. Come back home, we are ready to receive you, we love you and we want you back.

Thanks to the solidarity of Christians in Uganda, we however need to come out more often to fight such evil, and not wait to be thrown in a lion's den before we can come out.

Nations' Conqueror said...

Wow! this is great! this is what we've all been longing for. its visibly written on all Ugandans' faces, hearts. We all Ugandans have been awarded indeed.

Let the entire world learn that those who do good should and must be rewarded. If men who stand for family and community are constantly encouranged otherthan demonised. the World would be a better place.

The UGANDANs are a great example to the rest of the world! If we're to make a survey more than 98% of the world is in support of the Family Values. Look at the Arabic nations. Every nation honors there stand, actually nowadays when any law is made in any nation, the Muslims, Hindu and buddhists have different sections in that same article garanteeing them to make their own law on the same issues.

Here we are with a People who have Chosen to stand for sexually Uprightness in there country. They deserve a global reward! and this is just one of them. many more are coming! LET the World wakeup and rebuild their foundations (family).

The Pearl of Africa's Crown.