Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ugandans Bold and Loud!!

Pro-Family activists in Uganda stormed parliament on Thursday protesting against the practice of Homosexuality and demanded a probe into the practice in the country.

The activists who were holding banners denouncing the activity were led by the Family Life Network in conjunction with religious leaders.

The groups led by the Executive Director of Family Life Network, Mr Stephen Langa while handing over their petition to the Deputy Speaker,Ms Rebecca Kadaga said the Parliamentary select committee should also assess the extent of the damage homosexuality has caused to children and Ugandans.

“The serious threat that homosexuality poses to the stability and survival of the family and the social fabric of the nation has come to light in the recent past. This threat is real and has the potential to destabilize the country socially, politically and health wise,” Mr Langa said.

A group of religious leaders, parents and students demonstrate over Homosexuality. Photo by Joseph Kiggundu

The petitioners said that former agents of homosexuality have told them how they use coercion and manipulation to recruit unsuspecting innocent children and students into homosexuality and lesbianism.
“These groups have a clear and long term strategy to influence every sector of society to impose their deviant values on the whole society,” reads the petition in part.
Mr Langa said the homosexuals under the group Sexual Minorities Uganda spend huge sums of money to recruit University students and those in secondary schools into homosexuality. They did not give details.

“It has been appalling and disgusting to witness the audacity of homosexual and lesbian groups and activists operating freely in the country with total disregard and disrespect of our law which up to now criminalises homosexuality,” reads the petition.
The petitioners demanded that the government amends the Constitution to openly prohibit homosexuality, bisexuality, trans sexuality and other related practices.
“Parliament should also put in place measures that would ensure that no organization or person teaches things that would fall in the arena of family and sexuality without the approval of the ministry of Education,’’ she said.
Ms Kadaga said she would allow a motion to be moved on the floor of Parliament next week on the matter.

The petitioners moved around town with posters denouncing homosexuality.
Those that participated in the demonstration included university students, representatives from Church of Uganda, the catholic church, the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council, traders and born again pastors; Martin Ssempa and David Kiganda.

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