Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ugandan Police Caught Lying; Tells Pastors to ‘shut up’ on Sodomy

By Kato Mivule | May 20, 2009

In an effort to save face, the Ugandan Police ordered Pastor Solomon Male, Pastor, Martin Ssempa and others to “keep silent” and not make any comments on the ongoing investigations of Sodomy cases and accusations against Pastor Kayanja.

However, this comes at a time when two of Pastor Robert Kayanja’s accusers appeared at the Police CID Headquarters and told Journalists that they have never retracted any of their statements and charges of Sodomy against Pastor Robert Kayanja.

This turn of events totally contradicts the statements issued by Uganda’s CID Chief in which he claimed before the Press that Pastor Robert Kayanja’s accusers had dropped all charges and retracted their statements.

What makes the case more interesting is that one of the Sodomy victims is David Mukalazi, a 36 year old male who is a well known Musician and played Keyboards at the Rubaga Miracle Center.

Mr. Mukalazi went head-on to the CID Offices in Kampala before Uganda’s Press and stated categorically that he has never retracted any of his statements and charges of Sodomy his made against Pastor Robert Kayanja. He in fact stated that he had gone back to the CID Offices to re-state his statement and charges of Sodomy against Pastor Robert Kayanja.

With all the Media Attention following this Ugandan high profile case, Uganda’s Police was caught off guard lying, and to avoid further embarrassment, they issued a ‘decree’ that the Pastors should not comment on the Sodomy Case.

It is very clear that Ugandan Police is compromised beyond repair in this case and an independent commission of inquiry and truth should be set up with the aim of providing justice to the young sodomized boys.

It is well known that a number of high ranking Ugandan Government officials and including high ranking Police Officers are members of Pastor Robert Kayanja's Church. It is therefore going to be difficult to get Justice for the Sodomized boys.

It is a shame that Uganda’s Police is proving to be not an instrument of Justice for the weak but has become a haven for all kinds of law breakers, a place were corrupt government officials find refuge and those who are victimized are treated as criminals.

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