Friday, June 12, 2009

Pastor Ssempa challenges other Pastors to speak out on Homosexuality

Pastor Martin Ssempa of Makerere Community Church has attacked colleagues in the Pentecostal movement of conspiring to remain silent on matters of sexual abuse in the church.

Sempa, who is one of the pastors crusading against sodomy in the Church, claims the problem will persist in the church if pastors do not come out openly to condemn.

He says many pastors are secretly calling and encouraging him but they can not come out to join him for fear of being labelled enemies to pastor kayanja and others who have been accused of sodomizing followers.

Sempa also advises the elders in the Pentecostal churches to advise Kayanja to resolve the matters within the church system because he himself chose to drag his accusers to court.


chief the man said...

pr ssempa, u are indeed a hero and the next heroes day the president should recognize your efforts to fight the vice of homosexuality in the pearl of Africa. Thank u and i do pray 4 u

Barigye Augusto Basheiza Birungi

chief the man said...

Go ahead we need such heroes in this country to then abnormal people like the homos. We do pray 4 u and don't be ashamed to fight, the battle is 4 the Lord Jesus. And Jesus is using Gedions like u.

Anonymous said...

this is a disgusting display of discrimination and hatred. If he was truly was a "man of god" he would accept people for who they are no matter what, not discriminate because of their sexuality. And punishable by death? No mortal, not even a "hero" like ssempa has the power to decide who should live and who should die. He of all people should know this. If he wants to do something good for the country MAYBE he should turn his attention to the countless numbers of men who are raping their way around the country and spreading AIDS/HIV. for such an educated man he demonstrates minimal intelligence on this subject. I hope the bill never passes. STOP SPREADING HATE!