Monday, December 28, 2009

Anti-Homo Bill Blow to Democracy?

VSO InternationalA bill that may be passed into law in Uganda has been criticised by human rights groups, it has been reported.

Overall, seventeen organisations have submitted a statement containing their protests and disapproval of the proposed changes, which would result in the death penalty for those who continue to engage in homosexual activity.

Ask yourself, who funds these groups that protested, and are they representative of all Ugandans? or are they self-interest groups?

Spokesperson for Sexual Minorities Uganda David Kato stated that the proposals are a "blow to democracy" in the country.

David Kato, a primary school headteacher is defiling young kids and recruiting them into homosexuality, using his position. I wonder how Ugandan's move to make their own law is a blow to democracy, it is ridiculous for other countries to even meddle in the Ugandan system, that is not democratic! And i thought Democracy is rule of Majority? 95% of Ugandans are opposed to homosexuality, what democracy are we talking about here?

"It goes against the inclusive spirit necessary for our economic as well as political development. Its spirit is profoundly undemocratic and un-African," he explained.

Human Rights Watch, the World AIDS Campaign and Amnesty International have also condemned the bill in recent months.

Earlier this month, Reuters reported that the general consensus among activists is that the private members' bill will be passed with a few alterations, but little opposition from the country's budget donors.

The proposed bill should be passed by all means to strengthen our laws.


The Opinionator said...

This is a "blow to democracy". Part of the bill is designed to make it a crime to "promote homosexuality".

This will include any organisation which tries to speak out against this bill - it will be illegal for anyone to criticise this bill after it has passed into law. That is not democratic.

This will also include any organisation which speaks out against abuse of homosexuals in prison. Even as criminals, they still have rights. Imprisonment should be humane. Any organisation which points out that homosexuals are being treated unfairly will be made illegal. This is not democratic.

AfroGay said...

All this is just empty-tin din. We have Ssempa exactly where we want him; trying to defend a bill that goes against every treaty Uganda has voluntarily signed up to in the past and which shows him in exactly the hairheaded light he should be seen.

And as for majority rule - if it were up to the majority of Americans in 1967, it would have been an exilable offense for Ssempa to fall in love with and marry his wife, Tracey who is white. Let us hear him now say that the US Supreme Court was wrong to buck popular opinion and render illegal the miscegenation laws of the day.

AfroGay said...


WAIT Training does not affiliate, endorse, associate or partner with anyone seeking to hurt or wound others. Our goals are to impart skills to help ALL individuals have healthy relationships, to LIVE WELL, LOVE WELL and if they choose, to MARRY WELL.

Recent developments in Uganda and around the world associated with Martin Ssempa have caused us to sever all former associations with him.

We have requested he remove all wording on his web site that references our organization. If there are any questions about this, please call Joneen Mackenzie RN, President / Founder of WAIT Training at 720 488 8888 ext 201

Blog Editor said...

It is this type of attitude that explains why Uganda is the poor country it is now. History is not kind to dinosaurs. To say you are opposed to homosexuality is like saying you are opposed to blind people, or you are opposed to people who are deaf. Being gay is not a choice and no one wants to be gay. No one wakes up from bed in the morning and says "Lord please I want to be gay today" just like no one asks to be born blind.

I don't see why Africans are still living in the Dark Ages. Look at all the advanced countries and learn, learn from South Africa - there is a good reason why this country is the biggest economy in Africa, there are gay sicientist, gay farmers, gay priests, gay celebrities. It is really heartbreaking to see Uganda so backwards

Anonymous said...

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