Monday, December 28, 2009

Kigezi Bishop: Homosexual Supporters support Colonialism

Daily Monitor,
Agitators and perpetrators of homosexuality are indirectly bringing back colonialism in Uganda, the Bishop of Kigezi Diocese Rt. Rev. George Katwesigye has said.

“Let no body be deceived of the big sums of money they (perpetrators of homosexuality) are promising because we would rather remain poor than sacrifice our culture and values,” he said.

Bishop Katwesigye told Daily Monitor that the public should not rush for quick wealth, saying the desire to amass riches through dubious ways is partly to blame for the infiltration of foreign cultures that target desperate Ugandans who end up spreading homosexuality to innocent people.

He took a swipe at corrupt government officials and urged them to accept their misdeeds and repent.

Bishop Katwesigye said as the 2011 general elections near, politicians should not impose their views on the electorate and the Church to enable people make own decisions.


Martin said...

True!I really agree that the call of our nation is to remain the pearl of Africa.I am really sure many of the silent voices in the world are counting on us to kill the popularity of this homosexual campaign.Believe you me this sodomy campaign is going to die and will make countries like America, sweden and others to regret!I must say that sodomy to me is the epitome of evil.Talk of the only sin that ever downloaded hell on earth (sodom)

Martin said...

People hate me now but i wont stop now!Familiar with those lyrics!Thats we the UGANDANS!however much the image of Dr.Ssempa and others is tainted we are sorry to say that we shall not give up!Homosexuals have met a sober, awake and rigt thinking people who are not ready to give up the truth that has lived on for 2000 years and still lives on that SODOMY is perversion and a lie from the dippest pit of hell!Funny!Why should a ugandan law on Sodomy attract voices from all the so called Top dogs in the world?As they never shout when Kony kills a thousand! Please can you guys mind your own business and live UGANDA alone? Or are you partakers of the same cup (sodomy)?In UGANDA, sodomy is sin,evil,wickedness,abomination and an insult to Human intelligence. PERIOD